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A Serenity & Firefly Community

Firefly Icontest
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Welcome to fireflyicontest! The community was started January 14th, 2008 by beauty_untold and is a icontest community for the series Firefly and the movie Serenity.

layout codes: tomorrow_brings
profile layout codes: refuted
header: made by farscapeone
winner of Challenge 08

Got some Ideas for Challenges? Contribute at the Suggestion Box

Challenge 14 Winners:

by: beauty_untold

by: beauty_untold

1. You may only submit eight icons per challenge <4-Caps and 4-Theme>, unless stated otherwise.

2. Your icons need to fit LJ's size standards (100x100px, 40kb,), unless stated otherwise.

3. Your entries must remain anonymous. This means you can not use your icons or post it anywhere (your homepage, your LJ, etc.) until the voting period has ended. If you do, your icon will be disqualified.

4. To enter your icon(s), either put it/them in a comment to the challenge post. All comments will be screened.

5. You MUST be a member of the community to post an icon.

6. Icons posted here are not owned by the community. They belong to their creators. The posting of an icon here does not in any way constitute agreement to let others use it. Therefore, if you wish to use an icon, please ask the creator.

When entering your icons, please follow this format:


Submissions & Voting
Submission: Thursday - Thursday 5:00 pm EST
Voting: Thursday Evening - Saturday Afternoon
Winners: Saturday Night
New Challenge will be posted on Thursday

After the vote post is up you may vote for your top THREE favourite icons and/or best colouring/crop depending on the amount of entries. DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF!. You may vote for the same icon twice, but you can only vote the an icon once in the 1st-3rd rankings.

Winners will be announced for these catergories and banners awarded.
Mod: beauty_untold
Banner Makers: gerryswenchie and beauty_untold


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if you want to affiliate you may ask to here.

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